Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Cracked Toilet Bowl Left Bathroom Flooded

This flooded bathroom and surrounding areas in Stafford/Missouri City, Texas was a result in a cracked toilet bowl. In the picture to the left you can see where... READ MORE

Flooded Hallway/Bathroom in Stafford, TX

Toilet and shower backed up causing a water overflow in this Stafford/Missouri city's residential home owner's bathroom, hallway, and closet. Check out the grea... READ MORE

Damaged Ceiling

This is a quick before and during photo set of a flood-damaged ceiling we restored and made like new for our client. The flooding damaged most of the home and w... READ MORE

Damaged Walls, Ceiling and Floors in Stafford/Missouri City

The damage to this home in Stafford, Tx was caused by a heavy rain that was driven by some very powerful winds. The damage started at the roof, then leaked down... READ MORE

Damage in Bedroom

The water damage was caused on the lower window in a Stafford/Missouri City, Tx bedroom. Notice the extent of the water damage. The before photo was before we a... READ MORE

Living Room Damage

The damage in Stafford, Texas. Damage in Missouri City, Texas. Our team efficiently handled the flooded floor. We removed the customers furniture from out of th... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

This home in Roanoke, VA was flooded. This flooded basement in Roanoke, VA was caused by storm. This water damage caused us to remove areas from the floor and l... READ MORE